Why do you choose Juphoon products?

Twelve years of communication technology accumulation

We can provide developers with VoIP, RCS, audio and video communications, such as SDK software development packages, product maturity, easy, professional。

Global Internet communication cloud platform

We can provide communications, conferences, messages, groups, files and other communications cloud services for developers to cover global, mature, easy to integrate, professional support

Top APP product development cooperation

We can provide a package of APP cooperative development services for operators or business customers, high cost performance customization, top App development experience, fast listing

Top APP cooperation development service
We hatch the world's top video phone APP software JUSTALK: video level tens of millions of users, month duration exceeds 100 million minutes, covering 200 countries and regions, video phone APP users the highest score.

Juphoon successfully passed the ISO27001 certification audit

The company successfully passed ISO27001:2013 certification audit and obtained the Information Management System certification on 5 September, 2017.


Juphoon successfully passed the ISO9001 certification audit

The company successfully passed ISO9001:2015 certification audit and obtained the Quality Management System certification on 24th May, 2017.


National Innovation Fund: Scientific, Technological Achievement of Ningboo

The company took responsibility for the project “Intelligent terminal system based on IMS and RCS” supported by the National Innovation Fund, which was awarded as scientific and technological achievement of Ningbo in April 2017, and obtained the registration certificate issued by Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau.

Jus Talk Cloud On display in GSMA, Shanghai
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