User Document Engineering

Job Description:

1. Compile customer-oriented product documentation (including user manuals, installation manuals, online help, etc.) by participating in the product development process;

2. Participate in the bidding project, cooperate with the sales, pre-sales technical support and product manager according to the requirements of the bidding document, complete the writing, printing and packaging of the bidding documents on time and with high quality; if necessary, complete the descriptive and technical Q&A Waiting for work related to bidding;

3. Participate in the project proposal, product color page, report materials and other documents;

4. Regularly organize and update company certificates and case related qualifications;

5. Optimize bidding related systems, formulate and improve various bidding documents templates, continuously improve work efficiency, ensure reasonable use and timely update in follow-up work;

6. Complete other tasks assigned by the company and department leaders.


1. College degree or above, major in science and engineering;

2. Through the accumulation of learning, master the comprehensive technical expertise, familiar with the company's product technology knowledge;

3. Familiar with the business, able to independently analyze the technical and business preferences of the tender;

4. Proficiency in the use of text and graphics editors for writing and writing the required documents;

5. Skilled in using software tools such as Word, Excel, PPT, visio, photoshop;

6. Have a strong sense of responsibility, be careful and responsible for the work; need good communication and coordination skills; need to have strong resistance to stress.

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