Multimedia Engine Engineer

Job Description:

Responsible for developing audio and video engine on platforms of PC, Android, iOS.

Multimedia Engine is a component in IP-based real-time audio and video call. It includes the following modular:

1. Audio and video codec, e.g. G.711, G.279 AMR NB/WB iLBC, H.263, H.264, MPEG4, etc.

2. Speech quality controller, e.g. AEC, AGC, ANS, VAD, CNG, Jitter Buffer, etc.

3. Video quality controller, e.g. PLC, FEC, RED,NACK, Intelligent Bit-stream control.

4. Network transmission processor, e.g. RTP/RTCP, SRTP.

5. Audio & Video equipment, e.g. microphone, player, camera, Render, etc


1. Good communication and learning ability.

2. CET-4 level or above, ability to read material in English.

3. Solid in math, including advance mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory, discrete mathematics, numerical analysis, etc.

4. Knowledge of digital signal processing is preferred.

5. Experience in H.264 Codec is highly desirable.

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