Unified Communication
Global operators are making great efforts to start IMS network deployment and commercial operations. An era of IP-based communications is coming…
From IMS PoC to IMS-based VoIP, RCS and RCS-e, we have been involved in the reform of communications since the birth of our company. With a focus on technology advancement and innovation, we devote ourselves to realize and optimize the potential of unified communications.
From voice only calls to enriched communications incorporating IM, presence, image and video share, we have given top priority to the continuous improvement of technology and user experience, have cooperated with many world famous companies and successfully launched the commercial products (see successful stories).
Following the trend towards All-IP network transformation, we are preparing a great feast of unified communications, feature-rich and awesome, helping you to lower your investment and get quickly to market.
Our IMS Expertise
Stable and high-quality SIP and service framework
Juphoon SIP protocol stack has been licensed to many well-known companies and applied to many full-fledged commercial products (such as IP Phone, RCS, PoC, etc.) Its quality and reliability are well proven in the market.
Feature-rich and intuitive API
Easy to learn and use. Shorten the learning curve.
Professional voice and video engine
We have created the "Sweet Point" technology to optimize the quality of voice and video in a complex network environment.
Advisory telephone
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