Unified Communication,
Go as You Please
As the key to commercial deployments of IMS infrastructure,RCS and joyn break the traditional service framework of voice call and messaging applications. They combine popular communication tools to enrich customers’ experience in a simple way, such as voice and video call, instant message, file transfer, location sharing, social presence and network.
Juphoon is focusing on IMS business. From protocol stack to commercial RCS and joyn clients, from simple voice call to enriched multimedia communication service, we have continuously innovated and developed on what we have accumulated the vast technical experience.
We understand the importance of standardization in the age of converged communication. We also know the necessity of satisfying specific customers’ needs in an era of mass communications. Therefore, our RCS and joyn client solutions and SDK solution are standard-based and easy to manipulate. We emphasize on user experience, effectively reducing the complexity of integration and ensuring good interoperability. RCS is more than a business. It is also the capability in the network. We will continuously integrate and innovate to maximize capability. Communication as you please is on its way.
Our RCS & joyn Expertise
Competent and reliable SIP protocol stack    and framework; lean architecture, rich     functions and easy to use
High quality Multimedia Engine: original Sweet   Point technology optimizes video effect in   complex networks
Based on industry standards and past     experience, effectively reduce the complexity of integration and ensure good       interoperability
From IMS PoC to commercial RCS client, we are always committed to designing and    developing multimedia communication    software. We are the technology partner of   Alcatel-Lucent, China Telecom, and others
We have a professional design group    focusing on UI and UX design of    communication software. We will strive to   promote innovation and enhance the user experience.
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