VoIP Everywhere
When the world moves toward 4G phone era, traditional phone services are gradually declining and the ascendant VoIP is transforming the way people communicate. A report by Juniper Research suggests the number of mobile VoIP users in 2017 will reach 1 billion and the technology is making a revolutionary impact on the telecom industry.
In the last few years, we have generated vast experience in working on cross-platform and dealing with complicated network environments. At the same time, we have been building strategic relationships with telecom giants among telecom operators, device manufacturers, service providers and enterprise users. We are committed to popularizing the use of VoIP by developing reliable VoIP client and SDK solutions on multiple-platforms. VoIP will be everywhere in the near future.
We pay close attention to the details. From standard protocol stack and        middleware to stable HD Multimedia Engine and convenient UX design, Juphoon is always working on the philosophy of Usable, Simple, and Elegant. We are endeavoring to help our customers to launch products rapidly and win success in a diversified telecom market.
Our VoIP Expertise
UX design
Software development companies are usually weak in design due to high cost of employing a professional design company or the high risk of building their own designing team. Juphoon employs its own professional design team with years of experience in designing telecommunication software. We are able to provide a full set of UI, UE designs to minimize our customer’s cost.
We offer a service package, including R&D and design.
Professional Multimedia Engine
We created Sweet Point to optimize media experience in complex networks.
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