Custom SDK Development
You will get tailored SDK and unique services here
Do you want to add services to the standard package? Or tailor it to suit your style and imagination? That’s where we can help.
Our CSD (Custom SDK Development) service will give you a unique SDK solution, based on your own features and requirements, differentiating you and your products, and thus helping you stand out in the mass market.
Why us?
We have an outstanding R&D team, with wide experience for over a thousand man-years and a solid technological foundation that has been focusing on SDK development of media engine and multimedia communication software like VoIP and RCS. Our creative industry-leading technology delivers the optimization of real-time video call in complex network environments, thus ensuring our high-quality and reliable SDK solutions and helping us maintain stable and long-term cooperation with many world-famous enterprises like Alcatel-Lucent and China Telecom.
Our Custom SDK Service
VoIP/VoLTE SDK (IP Phone, SIP Softphone)
RCS (Rich Communication Services) SDK
joyn/RCS-e (Rich Communication Services) SDK
Multimedia Engine SDK
Simplified framework
Easy integration
Contains H.264 codec, able to reduce CPU load
Adapts to complex network environments
Adaptive CPU load control
Optimized video call
Advanced QoS control
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