OEM/ODM Service
Realize your ideas!
Do you have a great idea that can really improve communication capability and provide a superior and rich communication service? Do you worry about the high R&D cost and high risk? Do you worry about the product quality due to limited experience in developing communication software? Are you eager to build a brand without too much time and effort? Then our ODM service can offer you an optimal solution.
What is our ODM service?
It is a one stop software custom service. Based on customer’s product requirements, we provide market-oriented, reliable, stable and competitive multimedia communication solutions. We are committed to provide an excellent user experience to you and your customers. So you can focus on your core business without worrying about the new product details.
Our ODM service is comprised of R&D and design. We have a flexible business mode, including product development, UI design, user experience design (UX design), client and post-maintenance service. We are dedicated to realize your ideas. With a thousand man-years experience in design and development, we can help our customers to launch market competitive products quickly with minimal risk and cost.
Why us?
Cost-effectiveness We provide high quality business solutions and top ranking technical services at affordable prices, minimizing your effort, time and investment.
Professional R&D We have a professional team with rich experience and strong ability. With over a thousand of man-years experience, we have been dedicated to development and innovation in multimedia communication client, SDK and multimedia engine. With great ground-breaking technology such as "Sweet Point", we substantially optimize the effectiveness of audio and video calls in a complicated network environment. Juphoon is a technology leader in SIP stack, middleware, VoIP and RCS clients, and SDK solutions. We are a reliable technology provider for Alcatel-Lucent, China Telecom, etc.
User experience design We have a young and professional design group which is passionate and creative. With the design concept of USE “Usable, Simple, and Elegant”, we are committed to UI, UX design of communication software. With the aim of improving user experience, we constantly innovate and optimize for providing unique and elegant software design for our customers.
We attach great importance to R&D and design. We firmly believe that good product = high-quality R&D + elegant design.
Rich experience, both technical and practical Juphoon has built strategic relationships with major operators such as China Telecom, and manufacturing giants like Alcatel-Lucent. We assist those companies to commercially launch high-quality VoIP and RCS clients quickly and successfully. With our technical and design advantages, you can:
With technical and design advantage, you can:
ensure product quality
introduce products rapidly
reduce development costs
What We Offer
Excellent and stable client solution
Simple and intuitive UI, UX design
Convenient and fast technical support services
ODM Process
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