SDK License
Say good-bye to time wasting, high costs and inefficiency.
Are you worried about the high cost of independent R & D? And how do you focus on managing your current business while also developing new areas and improving existing services? That’s where we can help.
Purchase an SDK license from us, we can help you reduce your R & D cycles, lower your investment, simplify your research and focus on your applications and core business to offer a better experience to your customers.
We have over a thousand of man-years vast technological and practical experiences in developing communication software SDK. We are committed in the SDK market and continue to invest heavily in our R&D technology team. We are now a brilliant and reliable technology partner for worldwide communication device manufacturers, service providers and network operators such as Alcatel-Lucent, China Telecom, and China Mobile.
Our fees include:
One time perpetual License fee
Royalty fee
Annual maintenance and support fee
One time perpetual License fee
VoIP/VoLTE SDK (IP Phone, SIP Softphone)
RCS (Rich Communication Suite) SDK
joyn/RCS-e (Rich Communication Suite-enhanced) SDK
Multimedia Engine SDK
One time perpetual License fee
Embed licensed products in your products
Use licensed products to develop your applications
Sell your products with embedded licensed products, and grant end users the right to use them.
One time perpetual License fee
Free evaluation and training
Maintenance and technical support
Other services
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